Entrepreneurial basics in Dutch vocational education,


The Dutch vocational education system is always on the move. In august 2016 a new qualification structure will be introduced in the intermediate vocational schools with fulltime students and apprentices in the age group 16 to 20 years. The main goals of this new system are reinforcement of the cooperation between schools and companies, reducing the number of curricula and making them more transparent. Greater involvement of the companies in the examination process in a more flexible system  which enables students to make right choices according to the demands of the labour market. (Read more)


EULIVET;  European Leadership and Management in Vocational Education and

EULIVET - Proposal
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EQUAL-CLASS ; Engineers qualified in higher non-university VET institutions – providing arguments and evidence for NQF/EQF classification

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NANSSI;    New Approaches, New Skills for Social Inclusion
A European project between AoC and MBO Raad

NANSSI - Executive Summary
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NANSSI - Outline New Approaches, New Skills for Social Inclusion

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